What Do We Do

"It all goes down to make the foot happy"

The technology adopted in analysing the stresses in foot, method of obtaining body fitted custom insoles and the materials used is the one which makes better working insoles. At PADA, “Powered by Sidas technology” we obtain an exact replica of the negative mould of the 3-dimensional plantar surface of the foot along with necessary corrective measures. Make the body fitted custom insole involving the customer based on his / her foot requirements and deliver it right away. 

The custom body fitted insoles are the ones that connect the human foot with the foot wear, choosing the right quality material is essential for foot health. At PADA, “Partnered with Podiapro” we adopt the best grade of materials that are available globally. This includes the technical materials alike; PE, EVA, PE-EVA, PU, resin and specialised rubber made in France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and US for the insoles. These are the carefully selected choice of materials according to the custom need  and are built along with the insole modules. 

What's Unique

"Foot is the body’s foundation connecting everything together"

177,027 - The number of Kilometres an average person walks in a lifetime is equivalent to 5 trips around the earth. It all starts with the feet! All our body parts are connected and affect one another. The foot is the base of our body and the entire body is supported and balanced by foot during both static and dynamic conditions. Therefore, if the feet are pronated or supinated (more than 60% are), the body will suffer – starting with back, knee, hip pain or foot pain. 

As the entire body is interconnected, when something goes wrong pain is experienced.  At PADA, it usually begins with body fitted customisation of insoles. Why? Because our feet form the base of the body, observing the foot loading conditions and the stresses induced by the body on the foot we provide solutions. 

Since more than 60% of all people have either foot pronation or supination, it often causes imbalance and stresses in the knees, which through its bodily interconnection puts stress on back, knee, hip, foot and even neck. Having a negative impact and typically resulting in pain and loss of function. Custom insoles from PADA would be a potential solution to the whole body health, as this puts the bio kinetic chain in action. Leaving the feet in balance and stabilized, resulting in the functioning of the kinetic chain as to be pain free. 

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