Orthotic Insoles

When it  comes to foot issues, the major issues are orthopedic and diabetic. “PADA”, body fitted custom insoles along with overcoming foot issues would enable in improving foot posture, body alignment and improve the mechanics of the body.

Provide a good arch support

The foot arch starting from the base of toes to the heel plays an essential role during static and dynamic conditions. The normal arch foot functions such as a shock absorber, create balance, adapt to the terrain and prevent fatigue in plantar fascia. Absence of normal arch and not using an effective arch support you may experience pain both arch and heel. This pain would further extend to feet, ankles, knees, hips, legs, back and over time lead to misalignment of posture.

With feet doing the complex work of distributing the weight and pressure of the body during static and dynamic conditions. At situations, our body fails to maintain the optimal position of the musculoskeletal structure of the foot, resulting in a collapsed or high arch. An abnormal type of arch can interfere with foot alignment, causing leg bones to deviate from the correct position, causing pain in the foot or lower body and later extending to the other parts of the body. 

Attempting to manipulate these structures from the bottom of the foot is the arch support. Arch support provides proper support for the arch of the foot to reduce or even eliminate pain. Especially good arch support, involving a better customisation designed to place the foot in the ideal position will align the body from the foot up.

Improve surface area of contact

Improve surface area of contact

As it's a fact that, the entire body load during static and dynamic conditions gets distributed through the foot. But, the profile of our foot while touching hard surfaces takes pressure only in certain areas. On other hand, wearing a custom body fitted insoles, improves the surface area of contact and distributes the load across the entire surface area.

A scientific data analysis conducted on a barefoot and with body fitted custom “PADA” insole reveals the data on load distribution in kPa. Here, the zone 5 (region of arch) which was not loaded could be seen to take up a load of 135 kPa and the load distribution is within a certain range reducing the peak pressure accumulations as in barefoot.

Provides additional stability and balance

Provides additional stability and balance


Customized body fitted insoles act as a dynamic second-skin to equalize pressure, provide additional stability, improve balance infeet and avoid localized stress injuries and ankle movement . By giving feet the support they need and neutralizing alignment, insoles help avoid injuries which can occur as a result of fatigue and overuse. Common ailments like plantar fasciitis, runner's knee, achilles tendinitis, shin splints, metatarsalgia and hamstring strains can all be avoided with the help of body fitted insoles. By staying injury-free you know what it is to be healthy living.

Adjust the body and relieve and prevent pain in feet, hip and back.

Adjust the body and prevent / relieve pain in feet, hip, neck and back.

Custom body fitted insoles prevent common issues like over-pronation and supination and provide a measure to avoid excess pressure on areas beyond feet, ankles, knees, hips and even back. Adopting a proper alignment of the foot maximizes the body's natural biomechanics such that muscles, joints and ligaments work naturally as intended. This would certainly prevent fatigue commonly associated with one part of the body compensating for weakness in another area, or an imbalance in the distribution of work throughout the lower limbs.


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